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      • Merritt was known as “Forksdale” before it was incorporated as Merritt on April 1, 1911.

      • The historic Baillie House built in 1908 previously operated as a residence and a pop bottling factory.

      • The Douglas Lake Ranch (est. 1884) just outside of Merritt is Canada’s largest working cattle ranch.

      • The City of Merritt’s official slogan is “The Country Music Capital of Canada”.

      • Merritt hosts one of Canada’s largest annual outdoor night Christmas parades during Christmas.

      Please note as of January 13, 2018, the BC VISITOR CENTRE IN MERRITT (Junction of Hwy. 5 & 97C - exit 286) will be closed. Visitor information will continue to be available at the Merritt Visitor Centre at the Baillie House in downtown Merritt, 2250 Voght Street.
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      About Merritt
      Come experience Merritt's unique blend of urban lifestyle, and outdoor adventure..
      Things To Do
      Not sure what to do in Merritt and the Nicola Valley? Check out these suggestions to help make your trip even more memorable.
      Things To Do
      With over 200 lakes in the area, Merritt and the Nicola region is a fisherman's paradise.
      Fly Fishing
      Country Music Capital
      Merritt, Walk of Stars, Country Music Hall of Fame, Larger than Life Murals.
      Country Music Capital
      Country Legends
      Discover what exciting community events are fast approaching.
      Discover a unique selection of shops and restaurants in Merritt.
      Baillie House

      Baillie House

      Visit the friendly staff at the Merritt Visitor Centre at the Baillie House.

      Merritt Visitor Centre

      City of Merritt

      City of Merritt

      Contact the City of Merritt, Tourism and Economic Development Department at City Hall

      City of Merritt

      Destination BC

      Destination BC

      Destination British Columbia is responsible for marketing the Super, Natural British Columbia ? brand to the world. Super, Natural British Columbia is a trade-mark of Destination BC Corp.

      BC Visitor Information

      Contact Us

      Got questions? Contact us by phone, or by email using our contact form.

      Merritt Visitor Centre: 250-378-0349
      Tourism Manager: 250-378-8619
      Email: Contact Form